I am the founder and CEO of Characare. We specialize in helping businesses and their executives with their therapeutic needs and have over a hundreds therapists that are here to help you. I myself also practice.

Here is a little about me and how I personally plan to support you:

I am based in Los Angeles and have a master’s degree in Counseling from UCLA and am a Licensed Professional Counselor in California. Since the beginning of my bachelor’s education I have been refining my skill in counseling others. I work on an individual basis and also in a weekend retreat format that allows us to spend valuable time together.

My therapeutic style involves helping you to arrive at insight, strategies, and processes that you can use to make positive change in your life and the lives of those around you. We don’t just sit and talk. I love to provide you with concrete tools wherever possible so that we can track progress effectively. I will be there to guide you, encourage you, possibly even challenge you if I feel you are unknowingly allowing obstacles to stand in your way.

At my retreats which are typically a weekend long, I work with you on an individual basis and in a group context. I find that this helps us focus without distractions and provides us with even more valuable data points to help accelerate our progress together.

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