Future of Work: Accelerating Marketplaces For Leading Companies

Looking to launch a labor or services marketplace? Why don't we have one up for you in 2 weeks with a $200k IBM/ AWS cloud hosting investment credit, a tech team for you and dedicated advisors covering finance, strategy and execution.

Examples Of Marketplace Services

The platform works with ALL industries globally. The platform has THOUSANDS of configuration options making it suitable for any industry or marketplace strategy: private/public marketplaces, multi-currency, escrow/non-escrow, categorization, controlled/free moderation, double/single sided, reverse bidding, reviews, calendaring, escrow payments and more using a fast, high-conversion user interface.

Accelerator Benefits

$200,000 grant

Through our partnerships with Amazon (AWS) and IBM we offer up to $200,000 in cloud hosting and support services to ensure zero infrastructure costs for a year or two after launch. This investment is a grant and does not need to be repaid.

Top Advisory Team

Our advisory team of CEOs and execs with marketplace experience (ServicePower, Zip, HomeAdvisor, Cvent) aggregating over $1 billion in IPO and mergers and acquisitions value creation are available to provide hands on advice to portfolio companies.

Instant Marketplace With Tech Team

Our experience with many successful marketplaces is built into our platform ensuring a rapid, trusted launch of your marketplace. We can provide your initial tech team to get your platform up and running on your website based on our technology.

Launch Process

The launch process is straightforward. Answer some key questions then one of our marketplace professionals will review them with you . They'll then work with other marketplace professionals to have a fully functional marketplace set up. The process takes 14 days to 60 days depending on the structure of the marketplace and project. Either apply to the accelerator by using the link at the top of the page, contact us or if you're ready to jump directly into building your marketplace, you can use the launch button to get started answering some core questions. We'll assign a team that will remain with you indefinitely until you assign (if you choose to) your own team members. Our team can remain in place with you , of course, through your initial public offering!

Get Started!

Example Industries

The platform works for all industries in all regions of the world. Here is a handful of examples from thousands of options.

Other Examples